Frill After Recruitment: Sweater Layers

With recruitment over and this cool, pumpkin spice latte weather quickly approaching, finding new ways to wear what’s already in your closet can be tough! As you saw in our other post, though, we are here to help with our “how to wear after recruitment” series. First step? Pair your skirt with a button up. Second step – for colder weather – pair your skirt with a sweater. Or for even more layering happiness, combine the two! See below for more inspo!!

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Frill blog post 2Shop our skirts now for fall layering happiness!


Sorority DIY: Mod Podge Block Letters

Mod Podge 10

It’s an exciting time of year! You’re all moved into your new space, recruitment just ended and now you have a bunch of new sisters! Best of all, it’s time to decorate and gift! Doing these things while still on a budget can be a little tricky, though. So, Frill is here to help!

As your One Stop Sorority Shop, we not only provide the perfect clothing for recruitment, make the most adorable graphic and block letter tees and have the perfect accessories, but we are also here to provide advice and tips on making your Greek experience #flawless.

So today, we wanted to go over one of the easiest ways to decorate your room, and one of the most common gifts to new members, wooden block letters! Sure you can buy these on Etsy or try to hand paint them, but that takes time and money. Try this easy project for the most stylish and affordable Greek decor – Mod Podge Sorority Block Letters!

Mod Podge 1 Mod Podge 2


  • 1 container of Mod Podge
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes or sponges
  • Wooden letters
  • Print outs of your desired pattern

Mod Podge 3Step 1:
Place your printed paper under the wooden letter PATTERNED SIDE UP and trace around the wooden letter with your pencil. {We learned this one the hard way. If you put the paper pattern side down your letters will turn out backwards. Oopsies!}

Step 2:
Cut along the penciled edge of the patterned paper. Don’t forget the inside of the letters!

Mod Podge 4

Step 3:
Pour the Mod Podge into small container and lightly apply one coat to the front side of your letter. (You will want to do them one at a time because it dries quickly.)

Mod Podge 5Mod Podge 6 Mod Podge 8Step 4:
Place the cut out piece of paper on top of the Mod Podge covered letter and press into place. You will want to apply/press by starting at one side and working toward the other, lightly smoothing as you go to avoid bubbles or creases. *Press any excess paper down the side of the letter. Don’t worry, it’s inevitable at some point!*

Mod Podge 9Step 5:
Repeat for all letters needed and let dry for about five minutes.

Step 6:
Once dry, apply one thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the printed paper. This will help seal it in place. Don’t worry, it will look white when applied, but it will dry clear! Repeat for all letters then let them sit to dry.

Step 7 (optional):
Paint the sides and backs of the letters with a color that corresponds with your pattern. (We left ours white, but pink would be a great option, in this case.)

Then you’re done!

Need letters to paint? Shop our selection here!

Mod Podge 11

Frill After Recruitment: Plaid & Gingham

frill gingham 1via

frill gingham 1avia

frill gingham 2via

frill gingham 4via

It’s the age old question when purchasing items for recruitment, or any event for that matter; It’s cute, but how am I going to wear it afterwards?!

Well here at Frill, we like to keep things simple and we absolutely hate letting pieces just sit in your closet… That is prime real estate, after all! So, today we are offering one of the easiest solutions to this tragic problem – just pair it with plaid or gingham! Tucking a patterned button up into one of our classic skirts is an effortless way to transition your Frill skirts into Fall. Add some riding boots and a pair of knee high socks and you are Pinterest-ready in no time!

Have a picture of how you wore our pieces after recruitment? Be sure to share them with us by sending them to or tagging us @frillclothing and #nofrillnofun on social media!

Wooden Wall Monograms

Add some flair to your dorm, living room, or sorority house with a Frill wooden wall monogram!  Choose between a small 12″-24″ or large 26″-34″ wall decoration.  Paint and decorate your letters to dress up any room and show off your creativity.  I’m sure your little or friend would want one, too!
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Bridesmaid Skirts

It’s wedding season!  Your bridal party will look beautiful in Frill.  Get your party started with feminine skirts in different styles, cuts, and colors.  Celebrate beautifully in Carolina Bow, Aly Scallop, Charlotte, and Sydney skirts that come in a wide variety of colors and fits that compliment all.  Pair with a Frill thick white tank, sequin, or tube top, and your maids will look flawless on your big day–and on their future dressy occasions, too!

Design the day of your dreams and give us a call today!  Use coupon code KANSAS15 at checkout for free shipping on all web orders!


Frill Sorority Notepads

Put a little pep in your school day, study session, or long list of to-dos with Frill notepads!  Show off your sorority colors and letters while you jot down your thoughts and doodles.  Bring it with you on the go, to class, work, and to Chapter meeting to keep your notes looking extra classy and fabulous.  These notepads come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns that reflect your sorority.  They make perfect gifts, or for you to keep!
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Monogrammed and Greek Wayfarer Sunglasses

  Here comes the sun!  The search for your perfect pair of sunglasses is over with Frill’s Monogrammed and Greek wayfarer sunglasses!  Show off your sorority letters or monogram in gold or silver hand-rubbed accents.  For traditional monogrammed initials, send your first, last, and middle initial.  Choose between script or block font, and glossy or matte tortoise finish.

Whether you’re in a bikini lounging poolside or out on the town, Frill’s sunglasses will be your versatile accessory for all of your summer adventures.

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Leftover money? No problem!

Does your sorority still have plenty left over in your budget that you’re not sure what to do with? Here are a few great ideas!

              Recruitment and fund raising throughout the year are tough and demanding. Your sisters are most likely deserving of a reward for all their hard work. With leftover budget money you could treat everyone to a sisterhood event. Sisterhood events help everyone to get to know each other better and its one of the best ways to keep your sisters close. Think dinner, local events, or a movie. What girl doesn’t love the story of Cinderella and the new movie version is coming out soon. It would be fun way to treat everyone.

Gifting your sisters is an alternative option! Our website includes lots of affordable accessories including our Greek cutout necklaces, letter bar bracelets, charms, and Nava New York products that would be unique for your sorority. In addition to jewelry, there are sunglasses, hats, sweatshirts, bags, and more! This is a great way to contribute to sisterhood and maybe even invest in products that could be passed down or gifted to littles.


Don’t wait until the crazy busy time of rush to decide what your sorority is going to wear. Frill has a wide variety of matching outfits that you could order for all of your sisters for next year’s recruitment. Aside from the fashionable jewelry and accessories, the outfits and dresses come in many styles and colors that will complement any sorority. It just takes a few easy steps!

Pick a style or design one from scratch

Pick a fabric and color

Have a fitting and pre-order pieces

Your items are produced and delivered

We write a check to your philanthropy

There is no worry that your money is going to be wasted because by purchasing sorority clothing from Frill, you also benefit from donating even more to your philanthropy. So, when reviewing your budget, keep in mind these creative options to treat your sisters!

New Graphic Tee Division

Getting ready for a bachelorette party or Greek Week?  Designing your own crew neck, tank, or v-neck graphic tee is simple with Frill!  Create the customized tee of your dreams–the only limit is your imagination!

Follow the steps listed and send us your design or inspiration image.  Frill will create a proof, making adjustments if needed, and send your order of 5 or more within 2 weeks.

Graphic Tees and Tanks are perfect for any sorority event, spring break, bachelorette party, dance, cheer, or any group get together.  Frill can turn your creative ideas into reality.  Order online today!

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Frill is your One Stop Sorority Shop!

Recruitment planning is in full swing.  Avoid rush clothing similarities and be the only sorority on campus with our beautiful custom dresses and skirts.  With a wide range of styles and colors that look flattering on all body types, look classy and polished while recruiting your future sorority sisters.

Make a statement by selecting a style that will flatter all body types. Choose your fabric, color, and have a fitting! Your clothing will be made specifically for your sorority and will be shipped to your chapter, individually packaged and labeled.
Frill can help your sorority become a fashionably unified sisterhood at a price to fit any budget!
Call us and be the first to claim your style today!
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