Bid Day that’s Ballin’

When your girls are a slam dunk and you think you got the Steph Currys of the bunch you need to have a theme that says just that. They are the three pointers of Basketball and you want to show them it.

The trick is going all out. Making them a welcoming sign on a basketball is great but getting them gear to join the team is essential. Getting a jersey made and sweatbands to match is the cherry on top. Also, put their pledge class year number on the back of the jersey. Matching name tags that are basketballs don’t hurt so everyone can start learning names. Depending on budget you can get some extras like some basketball whistles.



Next, Create a banner that says you theme. A cute saying that goes along with the day makes pictures 10x better. There are more ideas below to give you some starting points on what you want your basketball bid day to be like.





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Galaxy Themed Bid Day

Here are some cute ideas on how to do a out of this world bid day!

1.) Make letters and that are of this galaxy!



2.) Have signs to welcome members that are stars and make cute shirts.tumblr_nj0bdwPk3a1qkik3go6_1280.jpg

(Sorority Sugar)

3.) Put some glitter on your face or some stick on diamonds.tumblr_ni3hp7iSfP1qkik3go2_r1_500.png

(Sorority Sugar) 

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Baseball Bid Day

Can we be honest for a moment and tell you guys a secret? Out of all the days of recruitment, Bid Day is low key our favorite. Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely LOVE wearing cute dresses, but there is just something so fun about going crazy with a theme! Don’t you agree!

That said, finding the perfect line between looking cute and too over the top can be tricky. So, in an effort to help plan the most picture perfect of all recruitments, we are lining up our favorite, trendy Bid Day themes – Providing inspiration, printable sheets and a full list of where to get all of the products to make your vision come to life.

First up… Baseball Themed Bid Day outfits!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.51.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.55.29 PM


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Bid Day Inspo Pull Sheet. Baseball 1a