Spring Break Bod or Nah?

It’s that time of year again either your hangry and eyeing that girl who is eating frosted flakes every morning just because your yogurt isn’t cutting it or you’re the only one of your friends who seem to have an appetite. It’s a lose-lose situation because your can never have it all. Here is to you, the Spring Breakers! You have the self control but your face tends to look like this when you smell what you cant have.



Sometimes you cheat and feel like this…



You decide it was worth it. Counting calories for today was a losing battle.



Even the smallest victories make you think you’re getting somewhere and you want to show the world.



You start looking at baby pic picture to keep you’re bacon obsession in line.



You start to dreaming your true love is pizza and looks like pizza.


In the end it is worth it because you feel like you can conquer the world and think you look like a VS model.




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