Ladies send this to your BF!

Valentine’s Day is coming up here are the top 10 ways to your lady’s heart.

  1. Bread- If she doesn’t like bread don’t trust her.

download (1) copy

  1. Cookies- Who doesn’t like cookies?


  1. Brownies- A girls best friend.

images copy

  1. Guacamole- Even better you could take her to chipotle.

images (1)

(Washington Post)


  1. Pizza- It fixes everything.

images (2)


6. Pasta- Sing to me Paolo.



7. Filet Mignon- Oh you fancy huh?


(101 Cooking for Two)
  1. Burrito- Do not forget the queso.

download copy

  1. Starbucks- Duh?

images copy 2

  1. Doughnuts- 12 or nothing.


(Brand Eating)

Sorry this is all food but this is what she wants. If she is angry right now, I suggest you get her a few things on this list and make a romantic picnic.


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