How To Wear Your Recruitment Clothes Again


It’s so hard to wear some recruitment clothes over again. Here are some tips to fix this:

  • Wear your letter shirt out to do errands11745357_881711715236208_4242271894483343042_n.jpg
  • Wear that dress again on a date11536138_864184050322308_6296248442304841028_n
  • Wear a skirt and a nice shirt to a lunch with friends or to church11118045_856228161117897_5043702193545476153_n.jpg
  • Have a Big/Little photo shoot in your outfits10410525_844247872315926_3222922124410670751_n
  • Pair that dress or skirt with a cute hat for Carolina Cup or a Derby Party


  • Pick out an outfit with a skirt and pair it with a stylish necklace11126441_822855547788492_8230134327514280515_o.jpg
  • Wear Letter shirts on a trip with your sisters in order to keep track of each other2
  • Just make sure you don’t show up in the same dress at a function11122448_871145989626114_1384136266486959320_o.jpg

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