Frill After Recruitment: Plaid & Gingham

frill gingham 1via

frill gingham 1avia

frill gingham 2via

frill gingham 4via

It’s the age old question when purchasing items for recruitment, or any event for that matter; It’s cute, but how am I going to wear it afterwards?!

Well here at Frill, we like to keep things simple and we absolutely hate letting pieces just sit in your closet… That is prime real estate, after all! So, today we are offering one of the easiest solutions to this tragic problem – just pair it with plaid or gingham! Tucking a patterned button up into one of our classic skirts is an effortless way to transition your Frill skirts into Fall. Add some riding boots and a pair of knee high socks and you are Pinterest-ready in no time!

Have a picture of how you wore our pieces after recruitment? Be sure to share them with us by sending them to or tagging us @frillclothing and #nofrillnofun on social media!


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