Frill Bridesmaid Dresses: Mint Boutique Dresses





Photo’s taken by Katy Gragnani

It seems like now, more than ever, brides are taking a more laid-back approach to their bridesmaids’ outfits. Instead of demanding that their ‘maids purchase a predetermined dress, brides are letting their girls pick dresses of their own. What’s one of the best ways to do this? Give the bridesmaids a color and a general idea of what you are interested in, and let them do the rest! Doing this provides an effortless, eclectic feel, and is often much cheaper than the traditional bridesmaid dresses!

Want to add some sass to your bridesmaid outfits, without the cost? Check out Frill’s boutique section! With dresses in a variety of styles and colors you will be sure to find something that suits your entire wedding party.

Don’t see what you are interested in? Don’t stop there. Shoot us an email and tell us what you are looking for! We will scour our sources and provide a variety of options for your ‘maids to choose from!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

xoxo, Frill




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