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This weekend I had the pleasure of watching Frill highlight my sorority by creating a cohesive and sophisticated look for all of us. Seriously, everyone looked fabulous and all of the rushees were gushing over our outfits.

“Are those J.Crew?,” “Where can I get one?,” and “Can I meet the designer and shake her hand?” were literally amongst the questions I was asked when girls saw the chapter on House Tours. Recruitment dresses are definitely not a new thing for my chapter, and honestly we have had quite a few hiccups with them in the past. So, to have our Frill outfits work out perfectly for every member and make us all look our best, was such a relief.

Also, it was so exciting to be able to include our outfits when discussing Philanthropy. Since Frill donated a part of the proceeds to my chapter’s philanthropy, it solidified us as a chapter who works with charity in mind in so many of the things we do. It is my hope that other recruitment chairs all over the country see the multiple benefits of using Frill the way my recruitment chair did!

Thank you Frill for a fabulous recruitment,


a senior in the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Chi Omega


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